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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

NEWS10-- Where to start...

First off I want to say thank you for stopping by and I know that 3 minutes to get started on couponing is not enough time. So I hope this will help you.

Here is the basics of couponing.  I know that with all the TV shows and what is on the internet this can be very overwhelming.  There are some key concepts that any coupon needs to know and understand.  

1- Subscribe to the paper.  I know that sounds funny but...  where are you going to get your coupons.  I know, but trust me this investment will ending up being well worth it.  I promise in a few months the investment will be paid for a few times over.  The next part of this is that you need to have one paper PER person in your home.  I have a family of 4 that means I have 4 Sunday papers on my door step every Sunday morning. 

2-  Filing system. You need to have a filing system in place as soon as you subscribe to the paper.  Some people like to use a binder. Truth be told I did for a long time. I love my binder.  It is read and black and it and I have a special relationship.. HOWEVER..  I don't have time to cut all those coupons out every week.  I have and enjoy using a file method.  I have 2 milk crates with hanging folders with Sunday's date on them.  So on Sunday morning all I have to do is gather up all the coupon inserts and drop them in the file.  I do segregate them by type of insert when needed. (Procter and Gamble, Red Plum, SmartSource, BoxTop, ect)

3- Understanding the sales cycle.   I am going to let you all in on a little secret...  Every type of item at the grocery store goes on sale approximately every 3 months. With this in mind you need to think about how much of that product do you use in a 90 day time frame.  This is when you an purchase that item at a rock bottom price.  It is ok to have a SMALL 90 day stock pile in your home.  Trust me TLC's Hoarders will not come knocking on your door.

4- When to use that coupon. This is going to sound funny to you at first.  You are ONLY going to use that coupon on an item that is ON SALE, Clearance, or a Special Promotion. This way you are able to maximize your savings.  Why use in on a brand name item to still pay more than the store brand. 

I hope that this helps and clears up anything that might have been confusing on air.  Please feel free to contact me at any time.  Please go to the Contact tab. 

Love and Savings


  1. Happened to see you on News 10! Appreciate the time you took to share your information. I hope I can learn the art of couponing and save too!!!